We’ve been playing with snow!  We are in the middle of our studies on Italy.  We had to pretend we were living in the Alps, I guess!  This little mini study was sparked by our canceled co-op day on Wednesday!

We have about 6-7  inches of snow here in Indiana.  I like the snow, and my boys love it!  We’ve done a lot of playing in it…

I love all the squinty noses.  And my hot husband working hard snowblowing the driveway.  Do you see our attempt at a snowman?  He’s so little, but oh so cute.  The snow was a dry one this time.  A friend gave us the snowman kit for Christmas.  He was too small to use the carrot nose and the pipe this time!

We cut many a  snowflakes and made a whole lot of mess.  Chad and I both did one, too.  Something about cutting a snowflake reminds me of being a kid again.

Samuel’s trays had some snow related fun to them.  He enjoyed transferring “snow balls” into bowls…

He also enjoyed putting little snowflake table scatter on the Power Magnet Counting Cards.

We made some snow cream.  The boys love, love, love to do this!  This time it was their idea to make it blue.  It turned out so pretty, and quite delicious! (Ethan was a kitty that day!)

As if we didn’t have enough snow around here, we made some Insta-Snow Powder.  That’s always some messy fun!

We made another Winter Sun Catcher since it was a big hit last year.  No worries of it melting around here!

Ethan even learned “sn” words this week!  How appropriate!

And it’s always so special to have conversations with my boys on the topic of how very unique and special they are, just like the snowflake!  The Bible tells us how we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  We are made in the image of the One who created us!

Books we read…

The Snowy Day

Little Snowflakes Big Adventure

The Jacket I Wear in the Snow

Millions of Snowflakes

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