If anyone knows me, they know I love cooking.  My boys do, too.  So when I was asked to do a review for Lil Chefs Cooking Class, I immediately signed up!  We signed up for Strawberry Smoothies – a winner around here!  This particular “Lil Chef” class is geared toward 4-7 year old children.

I received an email with the list of ingredients and tools I would need to be fully prepared.  We logged in about 10 minutes prior to the class starting.  I was very impressed with how things were set up on the website.  The video was very clear, both visually and audibly.  The instructor had the recipe listed, along with some great health tips:

Flax Seed Oil is also known as Linseed Oil.

It contains Omega -6 &9 fatty acids, fiber & protein among other essentials.

Strawberries contain phenols that keep cells healthy, reduce inflammation and provides heart protection.

There was also a chat box for the other members of the class that day.  We were able to introduce ourselves and get to know one another.  My boys thought that was super neat!

The class itself was very easy to follow.  Sandie was a very fun  and well prepared instructor.  We enjoyed watching her little guy while we worked alongside them.

The smoothies turned out great!  A definite hit in the his house.  They were so proud of their creation and couldn’t wait to share some with Daddy when he arrived home.

We really enjoyed the class and will be doing another one soon!  My boys are always in the kitchen with me, but I love the idea of an actual class to teach them.  You’ve got to try it out!

They’ve got a fun menu lined up, so go and take a look!  Enjoy some special time with your children.  They’ll never forget it!