I heard this little one minute feature on Air1 this morning while doing my elliptical.  It made me break down in tears.  It changed me.  Watch out.  It might change you, too.

Being Completely Thankful from Francis Anfuso

When will you and I be completely thankful for what God has done in our lives? We don’t need God to do one more thing for us. What He’s already done, and is presently doing, is more than sufficient. He doesn’t have to demonstrate even one more time His love and care for my life. I just need to ask Him to open my eyes.

If we can just remember—if we can keep spiritual amnesia from overtaking our thoughts, we’ll be SET for life. In our right minds, we’ll overflow with gratitude: praising God for Who He is, and thanking Him for what He’s done.

With a clear view of what has really gone on in our lives, the only appropriate response to a loving God is “thank you”—a million times over.