We had a real nice weekend around here!

Friday night we made a pizza and watched a movie.  I always cherish those times together!

Saturday morning we got up and hung around the house.  That was just lovely!  That afternoon Andrew and Ethan went to one of their friend’s birthday party.  It was at a rock climbing place.  They had a blast!  Chad, Samuel and I went shopping while they were there.  It was nice to be out with one little guy.  His boot clomping gained him a lot of attention.  It’s one of those sounds I never want to forget.  The rest of Saturday was spent cleaning and cooking.  I am in love with my new oven!

Sunday was good.  We had some new church friends over for lunch.  We really enjoyed getting to know them better.  They are such a sweet family.  She was a good encouragement to me, too.  She has homeschooled her two children in the past.  Andrew had a friend over, so we were able to do lots of chatting!

It’s been a busy but good start to our week.  We had a Pizza Party today.  More on that to come!

Hope y’all had a lovely weekend!