We really enjoyed doing Download N Go’s Pizza Party this past week.  It was a nice compliment to our geography studies on Italy.  Here’s what the unit study looks like:

Day 1: Pizza—What Is It?
Day 2: The Story of Pizza
Day 3: Types of Pizza
Day 4: The Science of Pizza
Day 5: Let’s Have a Pizza Party

We had some friends join us.  They did the unit study as well.  So Monday was our party!

We had lots of kitchen time!  We made two pizzas using this crust and breadsticks using this recipe.  The kids did a lot of helping.  Rolling, chopping, spreading, and more!

They enjoyed painting pizzas.  I just cut some nice big circles out of cream colored construction paper using fun scissors.  They did the rest!

They played a Pizza Math Game.  We have played it many times before.  They have enjoyed it.

They watched Pete’s A Pizza on DVD.  We had read the book last week.

We did a fun science experiment using yeast.  The kids enjoyed watching the balloon blow up!

I made this cute little guy to be used for Bible memory during our pizza studies!

Some fun books for our study included:

The Princess and the Pizza

Rocky Bobocky, The Pizza Man

Pickle Pizza

Pizza Party

Extra Cheese Please!:Mozerella’s Journey from Cow to Pizza

Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza

I am excited to join the DNG team.  I am not reviewing this one…I just had to do it!  They are great!  This one is packed full of all kinds of information on pizza’s history and the country of Italy.  Check it out!