Sunday didn’t turn out exactly like we had planned, or how we would have wanted it to.  We got an early morning call that Chad’s step-mom was in the hospital.  It’s been a long few days, but we are trusting in a God who is in control and who has the power to heal.  We had most of the family here in and out throughout the day, but it wasn’t the same.  We were all a bit frazzled.

Nevertheless, the boys had a great birthday party.  They had several friends here and we had lots of fun.

The theme was Toy Story.  Decorations were easy to find.  Some were found around the house!

Mamaw did a great job on the cake, as always.  It’s always a fun surprise for the boys.  I made Cake Pops.  We had some snacks that I named after Toy Story characters.  We had Cowboy Carrots, Buzz Bites (soft pretzel bites), Slinky Dogs (mini hotdogs in sauce),  Mr Potato Head spuds (potato chips), and Andy’s Apples & Dip.

Treat bags were easy.  There’s so much out there in the stores with Toy Story theme.

I think the alien rings were the biggest hit.  The children loved coloring them, and then eating them!  Chad did a few magic tricks to “wow” everyone!

It looked like Christmas hit again!  Both boys received all kinds of nice gifts.

So the party was a success!  I love celebrating my boys!