I really enjoy reading Granola Mom 4 God’s blog.  I was touched by the challenges she is taking this month.  It’s a Give Them All Your Heart Challenge hosted by Muthering Heights.  Last week’s challenge was “The Sweet Surprise” and I am linking up a little late!

…delight your child by serving them their favorite treat in place of a normal snack. As they savor the treat, regale your little one with a “surprise” story about their life in which they were a surprise treat for you, such as the day you found out you were pregnant, your birth story, something they did as a baby, etc.  Watch their excitement as they receive this surprise…and marvel at your spontaneous display of love!

So I made Trader Joe’s cupcakes with hearts on them.  It was easy to talk to them about what surprises they all were!  It was such a fun and exciting time each time we found out I was pregnant.  I’ll never forget those moments.  Ethan was the biggest birth surprise!  Chad received a job offer that we had been waiting for here in Indiana.  So in perfect God timing, I went into labor that night!  I was at the hospital only 30 minutes before he arrived.  It was a beautiful and perfect delivery!  We flew up here two weeks later and have loved living here closer to family.

On Saturday Ethan and I made chips and salsa.  He loves helping me in the kitchen.  Check our cute heart tortilla chips…

I want all three of my sweet boys to know they are completely loved, and that God knew them before they were born.  Not a surprise for Him!

Join in on this February Love Challenge for Moms!  It’s not too late!