It’s Week 2 at Muthering Heights.  This week’s idea for the Give Them All of Your Heart Challenge was:

This week, we’ll take our kids on an adventure – a treasure hunt! Buy or make a small “treasure” that you know your child is sure to love!  {In my case, I might use a few inexpensive bracelets, hair clips, etc. – something little that will create a LOT of excitement!} Present your child with a simple map of your home or yard, leading your child to the treasure. Better yet, give the map to your child in pieces through the day to spread the fun from breakfast to bedtime!

So that’s what we did, and it was great!  First I made up some clues using Bible verses.  We told them that there is where their real treasure is, but that we would use these to find their treasure!  So I made each of the clues in bold print to help them out.  Here’s a copy if you want to do it, too!

eat or drink – refrigerator

knowledge – bookcase or school area

rest – a bed

clean – bathtub or sink

knock – inside the the front or back door

store up – closet or pantry

I folded each one of them up and put them in these cute little heart boxes from the Target dollar section.

Their treasure was this…

An adorable and cuddly little panda bear (we are studying China), Lovey Gummy Tummies (yummy, too!!!) and Cat Treats (for people).

They absolutely loved doing this!  Andrew did a great job at reading the verses and going back and reading out the clue.  All three boys did the guessing and running!  I’ll bet they never forget this one.  They talked about past treasure hunts before we did this one, so I know it’s something they really like doing.

What a wonderful way to show some love.

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