It’s hard being a mom to a sick child. Or sick children.  It’s hard and it’s sad.

I think we had the flu run through here in the last week.  We haven’t had a sickness go through the house in quite some time.  Last year was great.  Hardly a stuffy nose or a cough.  But this winter we caught something.  And we don’t know how to take it!

It’s wearing me out, both physically and emotionally.  It’s difficult to see my boys not feel 100%.   They didn’t and still aren’t eating well, so I don’t want to fix much.  It’s been hard to get back into things, especially when I don’t feel 100%.  I feel like I have tried to have something for a week and half now, but it’s not completely wiped me out.  I almost wished it would have to get it over with.  I just feel lazy.  The house has seen better days.  Oh, the poor me.

School has been at its minimum.  We have done a few fun things, but we are just barely squeezing those days in.  We did get out this week for Andrew’s basketball game.  He played most of the game and did well.  Yesterday was our co-op Valentine’s Day party.  So the boys were glad to get out of the house.  I’m just seeing them still worn out from any kind of activity.

Tell me it will get better.  Tell me spring is on its way.