It’s week 3 for the Give Them All of Your Heart Challenge.

This week’s challenge was sweet…

Make a special “Valentine” for your child; write a letter or poem to/about each of your children, describing everything you love about them: attributes, quirks, talents…anything and everything that makes your little one unique and special…particularly to you!  To make the moment extra…well, momentous, read the letter or poem aloud, in front of the whole family!

I loved doing this.  I need to do this more often for them.  Of course, I was in tears the whole time just thinking about how very much I love these three sweeties of mine.  But I enjoyed telling them what they mean to me, how special they are to me and to God, and what my hopes for them are in their future.

What did they think?  First of all, my boys loved the fact that they were rolled up like scrolls! Their eyes were lit up and smiles covered their faces as I read each one.  They loved hearing their own letter, but they also really enjoyed hearing their brothers’ letters, too.

Take this challenge!  You’ll never regret it!

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