Not much in the way of Preschool Corner this week.  I think this week’s theme could be PRAYER.  It’s those real life lessons that mean the most, right?

Prayer is powerful, and it’s personal.

“…The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective” (James 5:16).

I’ve seen prayer work in so many ways this week.

We have seen our sweet little  niece less than 2 years of age recover and return home from being in ICU with illness.  Her grandma is just about back to normal after a brain hemorrhage.

Monday I watched some children of a friend of mine in our homeschool co-op.  She had a baby 3 months early and is going back and forth to the hospital every day.  I can imagine the stress she is going through.  Many prayers are being lifted up for that little guy.  He’s  a miracle.

Wednesday we had co-op, came home for some lunch and then took off again.  Ethan and Samuel stayed with a friend.  Chad, Andrew and I took off south to look at a popup camper.  It was really nice, so we decided we wanted to buy it  We really felt like this was the one God had for us.  The week prior we had “lost” a deal with another one, but we were confident God had bigger and better plans.  He never fails us.  This one is four years newer and a whole lot nicer…for the same price!  I am so thankful and so excited for camping time to come.  I wasn’t so sure about such a big purchase, but I knew this was something Chad wanted to do for our family.  I then felt like God was leading us to treasure this time while these boys are young and build memories together.  I love camping, although I never thought I would!  It’s so relaxing.  The boys really enjoy it.  Here’s how they were playing with Playmobil this week:

So we bought the camper and headed home.  Little did we know our adventures with it would begin so soon!  We were cruising along down one of the state highways.  Chad told us how he really felt God was telling him to go that road instead of the highway.  We were about to find out why.  A tire got too hot (probably not enough air from sitting in storage) and blew.  We had to pull over right away.  And we happened to were led right to the home of someone Chad knew.  Only out in rural Indiana, and only my Lord.  The man graciously took care of us and we were on our way.  We were now into the town right next to ours when the dash lights on our truck went off, along with the camper’s running lights.  We felt scared that we might get hit before we were able to pull over, but we all prayed.  We pulled safely over but couldn’t find the problem.  The brake lights were working, so we decided to go on the four more miles ahead to home.  We turn the corner and were stopped by a police  officer!  He was very kind and gave us a warning.  I thought we might not ever get home!  But we knew God was right there with us the whole time.  And through prayer, we did.

I guess we really are a homeschooling family now!  Ha!  We are really ready for Spring now!  Except that a snow storm came through last night leaving a couple inches of snow!

I had an oral surgery done on my mouth yesterday.  An apicoectomy to be exact.  Ouch.  I have a sore and a swollen mouth.  But I’m thankful I have a sweet and loving husband and understanding children.  I also have some dear friends who call, pray for me and send me flowers…

So we all have had lessons in prayer this week.  It’s real stuff.  Stuff that I hope they always remember.

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