Andrew just finished his first basketball league this past weekend.  He was teammates with his buddy.  They were adorable “Little Rams”.

Andrew has participated in basketball summer camps for the last two years.  He really enjoys that.  But this was a first.  A real league!  Real practices and real games.  Real tshirts.  Big stuff for this little guy.

But it wasn’t your typical basketball league.  It was at Andrew’s buddy’s church.  I was nervous about it.  How would it go?  How much would we regret it right in the middle of the season?

It was sweet.  Everyone was so laid back.  But sometimes we didn’t feel so laid back.  There were times when I felt stressed about how Andrew was playing (or wasn’t).  My friend and I had a lot of good discussions about how to deal with such feelings.  We teach our boys to not be agressive in every area of their lives, and then all of a sudden we are pressuring them to go and grab that ball!  While I know that is the nature of sports in general, sometimes our little guys had a hard time with that.  But we were so proud of them.  They did their best, and most importantly they had fun.

They didn’t even keep score at the games.  Everyone won.  The best part of each game was their treat voucher they earned.  It was a great experience, and I’m so glad we did it.

Both Andrew and his friend improved so much by the end of the season.  We are hoping they get out this spring and play some more.  We’ll see.  But if they don’t, that’s ok.  No pressure.

Nana and Papaw were proud of him last Saturday when they came to watch.  Andrew was proud to have them there.

And they received real trophies, which Andrew is completely proud of!