China is a fun place to study!  We did all kinds of things with all three boys.  That’s one of the great things about a unit study.  We love our Galloping the Globe!  Everyone can be involved!

I chose to do China in February because of the Chinese New Year holiday.

We stamped passports and were on our way.

We located China on the map and looked in the atlas and other good library books to learn more about the country.  Then we made the Chinese Flag by using red paper and gold sticker foam stars.

The boys were excited to receive their Lai See the first day of the Chinese New Year.  They made the envelopes and decorated them.   This was a good opportunity to talk to the boys about luck versus blessings.  We received this awesome kit from a friend who order it from MSM.

We decorated with Chinese lanterns.  A simple and festive way to decorate!

Dragon Art using all 3 boys’ handprints…

We are still enjoying the Chinese Blossom Tree we made.

Painting Chinese Numbers…

We read about Lottie Moon, missionary to China.  We made cookies as we learned about her and her amazing work.  Download this Lottie Moon cookies file I created.

We learned about the Great Wall of China.  Andrew built this…

We watched several YouTube videos on the Chinese New Year.  We watched China Revealed on Netflix.  The boys really enjoyed that show.  One night for our Friday night pizza and a movie we watched Kung Fu Panda.  They had watched it a while ago, so they loved watching it again.

We had lots of good Chinese food.  The first thing we did was eat at Panda Express because I had the coupons in our kit for free kids meals!  Thanks, Jen!  The boys love eating with chopsticks.

We made Good Life Noodles one night.  Rice and dumplings another night.  And more, because we enjoy Chinese food anyway!

We found all kinds of treats when we studied Pandas.  I love when I find fun stuff like this!  The little panda cookies came from the dollar section at Target!

They received a stuffed panda for a Valentine’s Day surprise.  We also enjoy Panda Toob Animals.  Samuel had fun counting them and sorting them.

Andrew did some panda drawing with a tracing kit we got last summer from Chik-Fil-A.

We made a shadow puppet theater.

There were loads of fun books on our book shelf!

From Galloping the Globe resources:
Children Like Me -always their fav
Stories Around the World
Missionary Stories with the Millers
Marvels of Creation
Eat Your Way Around the World
And from the wonderful library:
China reference books
A Grain of Rice
Eyes of the Dragon
The Story of Noodles – their favorite!!
The Story about Ping
Three Pandas – I loved this one!
Wan Hu is in the Stars
Emma’s Dragon Hunt
Panda Foo and the New Friend
And more!