What fun this unit study was!  The beach!  Oceans!

We always have lots of great books to read for any unit study.  I had several this time from our own collection.  We also picked up a lot at the library!

Some on our list:

Clam I Am – All About the Beach
Hello Ocean
Beach Day
Sea Critters
On the Seashore
Under the Sea
Oceans Kids Discover Magazine

The beach means sand.  I bought some colored sand at a craft store real cheap.  I also picked up a set of sea creature necklaces.  The boys really loved this project.

Samuel always wants to do worksheets like his big brothers.

They also enjoyed making ocean pictures out of the same sand.

I found some sea creature animals at the Dollar Tree.  These have been a hit!  Samuel likes to pick them up with tongs, pretending they will bite.  I smiled at him finding the tongs and the buckets himself to sort the animals.  We have two fleece blankets that a friend made for Samuel when he was a baby.  They pretended like they were in the ocean!

I found some fun ocean snacks last time I made a trip to Trader Joe’s.

Andrew picked out a starfish to grow.  That was the big story for the several days while it was growing.  It did real well!

I made some beach playdoh that the boys have used like crazy.  I added blue coloring, blue sand, and coconut flavoring.  They used some sand toys I found at Target last year for a quarter!  Best 75 cents I have spent!

Samuel played the fish/coral matching game again.

The boys took a trip to Nature’s Workshop with Nana and Papaw last week.  They found these beauties!

We watched two Netflix shows:  Coral Reef Adventure and Under the Sea: IMAX.   We all learned something from those!

We had an Easter egg hunt with these fun ocean eggs!

Now we are off to discover the beach ourselves!