Remember our fun unit study on popcorn?  We had a great time learning about all things popcorn.

Well…after doing that I received a box full of popcorn snacks from Popcorn, Indiana.  What fun!

First of all, did you know there was an actual city in the great state of Indiana called Popcorn?  I sure didn’t!  And I wasn’t so familiar with the snacks, either.  During our popcorn study we purchased some Chip’ins from our local grocery store.

Why eat popcorn?  Popcorn, Indiana answers that here.  Yummy, healthy snacking!

Popcorn, Indiana makes all kinds of great snacks!  We received the following:

From the Classic Line of products:  Sea Salt, Aged White Cheddar, and Kettlecorn

And from the Chip’ins Line:  Sea Salt and White Cheddar

That’s just a few of their awesome choices!

Because these are too good to not share, I took them to our homeschool co-op group.  Every last crumb was eaten!!  All the children gave these a big thumbs up!

You can find these in many retail locations now.  I am seeing the product “pop” up everywhere.  So grab your bag today, and make some more popcorn memories!