Of course the best part of our vacation was the beach!  We went to three different ones, so this a mixture of pictures.  We also went swimming in a pool at least once a day.  We love the water!

Here’s a picture of the three boys together that I forgot in my previous post!  It makes me smile at their cute little squinty eyes.  I just wish I would have brought my better camera for this one!  We took it the first time to the beach, but sand gets everywhere!

Shells were plentiful.  Here’s Samuel showing off one.

The sand was white and beautiful.  Blue water and blue skies.

My babe and I were relaxed.

He looked hot.  Not just from the sun.

Our family was together.  On vacation.

We saw so many dolphins one day.  They were very close to the beach area, so we watched them the whole time.  It almost felt like we were swimming with them!

Samuel loved the taste of the salt water.  It was absolutely hilarious watching him lick his hands!

Boys in one big sandbox.  Now that’s fun stuff.

And at the end of the day, the babies were konked.