I really enjoy that definite change of seasons we have around here in Indiana.  And spring is my absolute favorite!  It makes for some fun teaching moments!

You know spring means?  Garage sales!  I love them!  We hit one this week that was advertised with teacher items from a teacher that was resigning.  It was so much fun!  I got all of this for $20.  A bucket of those tiles alone cost at least $20 at our teacher store! 

Springs always amazes me with new life all around us.  I always enjoy talking to my boys about it when we make our rounds through the yard and find all the new “babies” popping up.

Hostas are some of my favorite perrenials…

And the lilies…

Some plants are even blooming!

I spruced up the front porch with some new chair pads.  I’ll keep the old red ones for the fall/winter.  It’s cute that my boys really enjoy decorating with me.

Even Oliver is soaking up the nice weather…

Our biggest project this week was cleaning out our little garden pond.  It’s just about ready to go for the season.  We killed our fish from last year, but we are going to get some from a friend in a few days.  School at the pond is always fun!

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