The last part of our vacation was on the Atlantic Ocean side.  We stayed on Cocoa Beach.  The hotel was nice.  We enjoyed more swimming!

The best part about that visit is that we met my brother and family there!  They live about two hours south of the Cape Canaveral area.  They drove up that morning to meet us there.  We were blessed to spend the whole day with them!  We were the park from 10 until after it closed!  Then we went out to dinner together.  Special times we will treasure forever.

This is my brother, Tim.  I really love this guy and miss him so much.  We’ve been away from each other so much of our lives.  He is 13 years older than me, went into the military, and then got married and has lived in Florida since.  I cried like a baby at his wedding.  Their wedding video will prove that!  I look up to him and respect him. 

Here is his lovely wife, Stephanie and their son Sean.  The boys loved hanging out with Sean.  I enjoyed visiting with Stephanie.  I always appreciate the love shared between family.  There’s just nothing like it.

Here is my sweet and beautiful niece.  She’s in college now.  That’s so hard for me to believe!  The boys just loved all over her.

We had a great time seeing all the amazing sites at NASA.  The boys were in awe of the size of the rockets, shuttles, engines and more.

The boys are all into all things space, now!  It was a great learning experience for us all.

Thanks, Tim and Steph, for a wonderful time together!  We hope to see you soon!