Each day in Andrew’s LA lessons he reads a quote from the referenced mentioned below.  They are usually pretty good and great conversation starters and things to really ponder.  Like yesterday, it was this:  When the well is dry you know the worth of water.  We had good discussions on this one. 

But today’s absoutely CRACKED me up. 

Be a good child.  Mind your book. 

 Love your school.  Strive to learn.

from Proverbs, Counsels, and Maxims from The American Spelling Book by Noah Webster

I know it was meant to be serious, but does anyone hear me?!?!  It’s spring and school is nearing an end, and we are so ready for a summer break!  I laughed out loud when we read it together, and of course teased Andrew about it.  He might hear that for the rest of our 24 days of school we have left…not that I am counting…