I know it’s Easter weekend, but Mother’s Day will soon be here, too!  What a neat way to celebrate this special holiday.  A Mother’s Day unit study that’s all put together for you and ready to download!  There’s so much to learn, so take a peek at what your week would look like!

Day 1: What Is Mother’s Day
Day 2: The History of Mother’s Day
Day 3: Celebrating Mother’s Day
Day 4: Preparations for Mother’s Day
Day 5: Goodies for Mother’s Day

Here’s a good picture of what is included in the download…


To be honest, I was a little hesitant about doing this study.  “Ok, boys…we are going to do a study on ME…your mommy!! ”  As appealing as that does sound, this study is so much more than that!

You will learn about the history of Mother’s Day, how they celebrate Mother’s Day in different countries, and best of all you will learn about moms of the Bible!

Each day is filled with fun stuff to do.  The boys always enjoy watching the videos, especially the “how to” videos.  We tried some of the crafts suggested in the study.  They turned out pretty cute!

All in all, a fun unit study to do with your children.

 Purchase it  here for just $7.95!

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