Ok, I promise this is the last post about our vacation!  I just had way too many pictures I had to share!  I still have so many more, but I’ll stop!

Our vacation would not have happened, and we wouldn’t have received such a huge blessing had it not been for some dear friends of ours,  Larrry and Esther.  They are like parents to us.  And loveable, huggable grandparents to our boys.  Chad worked on their farm  here in Indiana for over 10 years.  They were great role models for Chad in many ways.

We stayed at their place on the Gulf side of Florida.  They live in a really nice retirement community for the winter months.  We were delighted when we were invited to come for a visit.  There are palm trees everywhere.  I think that’s my favorite part about that area of our country.

They were amazing in every way.  We immediately felt at home and were completely spoiled.  Gone out to swim?  We’d come back with lunch or dinner on the table.  We ate out only twice, and once was when Chad and I went out on a date together!  The strawberries were incredible.  Ask Samuel.  He ate a few of them…

They had a grapefruit tree in their backyard.  We picked them and had them every morning.  Yum.

The village has a really nice pool.  We were there at least once a day.  The sites were beautiful.  The boys loved the ponds full of animals all around it.

We got around on the John Deere golf cart, which the boys loved.  Larry took the boys all around the place.

I think I am ready for the retired life.

We can’t thank you enough, Larry and Esther.  You blessed us so very much.  We’ll never forget our week.