Yesterday was his special day.  The day he turned 8.


Seriously?!?!  Has it really happened so quickly?  He looks so huge to me.

He asked for “Papaw donuts” for breakfast.  We stuck some trick candles in them.  He liked that.

And he really liked his presents.  These are some of his favorite things…Lego, Playmobil and science kits!  And he’s really perfected his fake smile.  Heehee.  He is happy, though!

For his party, I had grand plan.  I usually have a big to-do in our backyard every year.  But I thought I would make it different  for him this year.  We made a plan to go camping and have his party out at the campground.  Invite the family, and some friends.  But my grand plan is falling apart.  The weather isn’t looking so good.  We are taking one of his buds camping with us and will have a great time camping, rain or shine. But I have decided to throw together a small party for some friends the following weekend.  Mamaw is coming over tonight because she doesn’t want to make him wait until the 14th to get his present.  So he will get to celebrate for a few days.  Sounds like a plan to me!

Happy Birthday my sweet Andrew!  I love you!