I am feeling rather anxious tonight.  Andrew’s party is tomorrow and I am mostly ready.  Ready if it doesn’t rain!

I just started a Beth Moore study last night at our church.  Breaking Free.  Bring it on.  I just hope I can be dedicated to my five days a week study.  I am also in the middle of an incredible book called Made to Crave.  More on that later.

We have ten more school lessons until we will be finished with our school year.  I can barely hang on.  But that also makes me anxious about our next year.  I don’t want to spend the whole summer worrying about what we will do.  I worry about what we will do this summer to keep up with things.    Much is going through my mind. 

Today’s Jesus Calling devotion was quite appropriate for me.  I pray it blesses you like it did me.

I Can Use You

I am the mighty, all-powerful God.  Nothing is too difficult for Me.  Yet, I choose to work through you – with all your weaknesses and struggles-to carry out My plans.  In fact, it is because you have weaknesses that you are able to receive My Power.  Your struggles teach you to depend on Me.

Don’t be afraid if I ask you to do something that seems too difficult.  Count on Me to give you all the help you need.  If I ask you to refuse to do something that is wrong, I will give you courage.  If I ask you to help someone, I will give you the time and energy.  If I ask you to share your faith with a friend, I will give you the words to say.

Don’t try to figure things out all by yourself.  Remember that I am with you, and depend on Me to help you.  I can do everything – and I can use you to do what I ask of you.