A unit study on chocolate?!?  Are you kidding me!?!  Not only was I excited about this one, by my boys were, too.  Andrew’s reaction was quite funny when I told him we were studying chocolate!  There really is a lot to learn.  And learning doesn’t add calories.  Well, almost. 

Here’s a look at what your week will look like:

Day 1: Chocolate – What is it?
Day 2: Chocolate – The Story
Day 3: Chocolate – The Types of Chocolate
Day 4: Chocolate – The Science of Chocolate
Day 5: Chocolate – Have a Chocolate Party!

Looks like fun, huh?  I think the best thing about unit studies like this is that the whole family can get involved!  This was a great way to close out the school year.  I am tired, so it was great to just download all I needed for a study packed full of great information.  Make learning fun!

I asked Andrew what his favorite chocolate was.  His answer was not surprising.  No Bake Cookies.  He’s just like his daddy.  I think party of why he likes them so much is because he can make them himself!  All my boys enjoy helping out in the kitchen, and I (most of the time) welcome the help.  Lots of learning to do in this lab!  But instead of cookies, we made a chocolate souffle’, as suggested in this study.  Andrew enjoyed beating the egg whites, Ethan enjoyed dusting them with powdered sugar, and Samuel enjoyed licking the bowl!

Visit Amanda Bennett’s Download N Go’s website to purchase this unit study for only $7.95.  There’s lots of choices to check out, too!

I was provided this unit study download free of charge in exchange for an honest opinion.