How was your weekend?  I hope you were able to enjoy some family time and relax!

We had a good one, with the main focus being Andrew’s birthday party.  I spent Friday cleaning and getting ready for that.  I went out and ran some errands Friday evening.

Saturday I got up early and went to some garage sales.  I always try to remember to say a prayer before I go that I will not get what I don’t need (that’s hard when you see a good deal on something!).  I also pray that I might find something that we would purchase anyway, but that I would be able to save money by finding it at a fraction of the cost at the stores.  One thing I had in mind was a bike for Samuel.  He’s riding without training wheels now!!  He needed a bigger bike.  Well, I found one in almost new condition for $5!  Thank You, Jesus!  What a blessing!  I also found a big JD combine and tractor for my Ethan.  Needless to say, they were thrilled when I got home!

Papaw was here when I got home to help Chad with some projects here.  I spent the rest of the morning preparing for the party at 3:00.  It was a beautiful day, off and on.  Andrew and I sat on the couch and prayed that God would hold the rain off for the party.   After all, I was about to have a dozen kids here!  It was amazing!  The weather was great, except for one quick shower that the kids loved dancing in.  The party was over about 6:00.  Two couples from church stayed to have a cookout.  We had the best time, full of much laughter.

Sunday was definitely a day of rest.  Our Sunday school lesson was on the tabernacle.  I made this model a while back using this kit.  My teacher asked me to do it.  It was an awesome experience, one I won’t forget.  The boys were very much involved in it, too.  I have been meaning to post pictures of it.  It would make a great project for your family!  I actually added more detail to the post after I took these photos.

Our pastor’s sermon was excellent on the subject of giving.  I am so thankful that Chad and I agree on making sure tithing is a priority.  I told him after church.  I know it can be a disagreement in some marriages, so I am thankful we agree on this.  We have seen God bless us over the years because of our faithfulness to the church.  I have seen it in the lives of good friends, too.  The blessing may not come in the form of a check in the mail (rarely does it ever, although it does happen!), but we are blessed in so many more ways.  My momma always taught me that.  The Lord may help us save money (saw that in my garage sale experience this weekend), you may be saved from having to spend money or something, or many other ways you can be given a gift from the Lord.  I am so thankful I had such a good example of that growing up.  God does provide, and he knocks our socks off a lot of times doing it!

The rest of Sunday was spent being completely lazy!  For me, anyway!  Chad had several things he wanted to get done.  But last evening we all gathered with popcorn and a new movie Andrew received for his birthday.

I will post birthday pics soon!

Have a great week!