Andrew decided a while back he wanted a “Magic” birthday party.  So that’s what we did.  And it was magical!

Here are the invites I created in Microsoft Word.  If you want the file, send me an email!

Andrew and I went out to look for decorations, party favors, etc.  It was so cute watching him find things here and there that would be “just perfect” for his party.  We went to the Dollar Tree and found these cute and shiny favor (gift) bags.

The treat bag insides were:  Magic Mint Candy (party store), Pop Rocks (Target dollar section), Chinese Finger Traps (party store), Magic Tricks (Target Easter Section), Squirt Gun (Target clearance).

The decorations were mainly in black, white and red.  Andrew was particularly proud of these table decorations he found at the Dollar Tree…

 We had a magic potion for drinks.  I used the Kool Aid Fun Fizz in clear cups so they could see the action.  All dozen kids thought those were cool!

We had Annie’s Bunny Crackers I put in a plastic top hat.

Watermelon is Andrew’s absolute favorite fruit.  It was for the rest of the kids, too!

I made little pretzels magic wands that were gone in a hurry!

And then the super yummy and awesome cake that Mamaw always makes for my boys’ parties!  There are little magic toys on each corner…even a miniature magic wand!

We had such fun.  Like I had said in an earlier post, we were blessed with great weather.  It was incredible to see a huge patch of rain to the west of us before the party, and see a huge patch after the party on the east side.  Yet, we didn’t get it!  Thank you, Jesus!  Because these crazy kids needed to be outside!

We had a pinata.  I hated to spend a ton of money on one.  A lady at the party store found me a High School Musical megaphone for $5.  I knew I could take the stickers off of that really easy and make into something magical.  And that’s just what I did!   I also gave each child a test tube to use.  We made a magical potion using red food coloring, baking soda and vinegar. That was a huge hit!  Chad did some magic tricks that left the kids with open mouths.  That was funny to watch.  Chad got a kick out of it, too.

Andrew received a lot of really nice gifts!

I think they all had fun!