Samuel waits for his macaroni to “get unhot”.  And by the way, he says macaroni will be in heaven.

To Samuel, Ethan says, “Do you know what chicken bumps are?  They help keep you warm.”

Andrew, my 8 year old, was asking me about belly buttons.  He said he was thinking that you didn’t have one anymore when you got older.  He says he doesn’t need his anymore and he doesn’t understand why he still has one.  Then he says, “And what are these?” pointing to his chest.  He asks, “What do I use them for?”  He knows what Mommies use them for, but he just doesn’t get it why he has them.  Heehee. 

I love seeing his little dirty and chubby hands as Samuel comes to me with flowers (clovers) he picked.  “Pick a hand,” he says.  He tells me we need to get a bowl, but we found a  little vase instead.  He suggested we put it in the middle of the table by a fire so we can see them while we eat dinner.  Cute!

Ok, now this absolutely kills me!  When he really likes something, he really likes it.  And everyone in the room will know it!  I fixed some yummy French toast from homemade bread, topped with strawberries (which he really loves) and cool whip.  Watch and laugh with me!