Monday was the day!  The first day of our summer break!  Chad was home half the day, so I made cinnamon rolls.  Andrew has been begging for them.  They woke up really late today to the smell and found balloons hung on their chairs.  We gave them their “diplomas”.  

The boys have been wanting to visit the Playmobil store for a while.  Well, since before Christmas when we went!  So we decided that would be part of their reward for having such a good year.   They each picked out one of their new products called “Click and Go”.  They were so excited!

I couldn’t help but spoil my Ethan.  I got him the camping trailer he has been wanting for a couple of months.  He hasn’t stopped playing with it yet!  It “parks” under his bed while he sleeps.  The benches and table converts into a bed.  I love watching them pretend.

We took our usual trip around the area.  From the Playmobil store we went to Trader Joe’s.  Then we also stopped into the creamery.  It’s so pretty there in the Spring!

It’s been a good week so far!