Samuel wanted me to tuck his blanket around his body the other night.  He told me he likes to get “nugly”.  Isn’t that a cute word!?!  Nugly!  I love it!

While camping, I took him to the bathroom.  He was taking a little longer than I expected.  I asked him if he was going potty or poopoo.  He replies, “Ummm, I don’t think you need to know.”

I think Samuel loves cooked breakfasts.  We do that every morning when we camp, and rarely here at home.  We usually have breakfast food for dinner!  I was cuddling with him and he asks, “Do sometimes adults fix foods when kids are sleeping?”  My answer was yes, of course.  He then says, “Well, maybe you could do that tomorrow.  You can fix the food and when I wake up, I will eat it!”

You’ve heard of his love for macaroni, right?  That it will be in heaven?  We don’t have any at home right now.  Yesterday he wanted to pray over his lunch.  He said an adorable little prayer, and then says, “Oh!  I forgot to pray for more macaroni!  We need macaroni!”

And we are sad that our cat Oliver hasn’t returned home after our weekend of camping.  Samuel says this morning, “We should get a leash for that cat!”