This was a fun summer unit to do!  I thought it would be a great one, based on a field trip I had planned to take…picking strawberries!

I had to search a lot to find info, but I came up with quite a few things to go along with strawberries.

First, I will list some fun downloads I found:

S is for Strawberry -coloring page

Favorite Strawberry Foods

Cute Strawberry Maze

Strawberry Commodity Fact Sheet

Strawberry Anagrams

Strawberry Wordsearch

Here is  a good picture of the anatomy of a strawberry plant:

Here is a link to a great list of fun strawberry facts that I printed out.

I found some good books at the library.  All I could find was fictional titles, but they were cute!

Sweet Strawberries

The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry and The Big Hungry Bear

Molly and the Strawberry Day

The Grey Lady and the Strawberry Snatcher

I found a cute game on my iPhone that the boys love to play.  It’s called I Love Strawberries!  Quite appropriate for these guys!

We made some cute Do a Dot strawberries:

I made a sensory bin from some strawberries I purchased at Target a few years ago that I used for decoration.  I got the little baskets from the strawberry farm, along with the fun little hullers for less than a dollar total.  The boys loved this one!  Their tractors ended up hauling off all the berries!

We did a great science experiment!  We extracted the DNA from strawberries.   The results were really amazing!  It was a great time to talk about how amazing our God is!!!

Our trip the strawberry farm was fun.

We have also had a great crop of strawberries in our own garden!  I love this picture…

Between strawberries from home and from the berry farm, we had lots of strawberries to cook with!  The best part!

Andrew requested Papaw’s Strawberry Pie.

We also made Strawberry Leather from the fact sheet I referenced earlier.  That was neat, and the boys ate it up!

We also made smoothies and a dessert while camping.  I got this cute set to use.  The boys loved the slicer!

On my chalkboard I drew a big strawberry and wrote the different fruits of the Spirit as a reminder to us all!  So that was it!  Our first summer unit study!