My new name became “cutie” the other night to Samuel.  He’s so funny and random.  He cuddles up to me during story time and says, “Mommy, you are cuter than I thought you were!”

Samuel goes through phases of wanting to kiss me on the lips.  He told me one day last week, “C’mon, Mommy.  That’s what they’re there for!”

And he’s such a charmer, oh my goodness!  He asks me to help him by using names like “my mighty” and “sweetie pie”.

We watched a friend’s daughter for a couple of days.  So very cute.  She had a diaper change and didn’t want to put her pants back on.  Andrew tells me I should really put her pants back on her.  Samuel agrees and says, “Yeah, mommy.  Her diaper is bothering me.”

And to crack you up on this super hot Tuesday…because he cracks himself up…

I just over heard him saying,  “Guess what, Ethan!  I tooted 37 seconds in a row!”