What a great book!  I have really enjoyed reading this one.  This is an update version of a book that has been around for a little while.  The website associated with the book is The Blessing Challenge.  Check it out!

What is “The Blessing”?  The blessing this book is based on is the story of Jacob and Esau recorded in the book of Genesis.  It’s receiving the unconditional love and acceptance that comes from parents or other people.  It talks about those that haven’t received it, and real ways you can give the blessing to others.

This book explains in detail a biblical approach to the following essential elements of giving a blessing:

  • Meaningful touch
  • A spoken message
  • Attaching high value
  • Picturing a special future
  • An active commitment

We all need the gift of the blessing.  And our children need to receive it.  I would definitely recommend adding this book to your library!  It is great for anyone, young and old.  What a powerful demonstration of God’s love!

This book was provided to me, free of charge from BookSneeze, in exchange for an honest review.