I love summer.  I love being a stay-at-home-mommy.  I love having days that I can wake up and wonder what we will do today with no plans.

This was our reading from Jesus Calling two days ago.  I had to share…

Help me obey your commands because that make me happy -Psalm 119:35 (ICB)

Most kids don’t think of “obeying” and “happy” as being linked together.  But they are, especially in your relationship with Me.  When you obey Me and let Me have control in your life, you are able to relax and be happy.

You can waste so much time planning your day: trying to figure out what to do – and when to do it.  Then, when you think you’ve got it all just right, something happens.  The doorbell rings, a friend calls, you start to feel sick.  Your whole plan is thrown off, so you have to start all  over again.  And you forget about Me.

There is a much better way.  Tune in to Me.  I have everything under control: My control.  Instead of trying to plan everything, let Me show you what to do now and next.  Then you will be free to enjoy Me and the day I have prepared for you.

I want what the Lord wants for my day today!