Day 2 was a lot more fun because Daddy was with us!  Playing in mud made it a little more exciting, too.

After a full and tiring day, we crashed at my MIL’s house for the evening.

Sunday we went to a friend’s house after church.  They are so much like our siblings.  Chad went to to school with him and I feel like I have know her for just as long.  She (and her house) always inspires me.  So I came home with some ideas that I have already done.  BTW…I am in the middle of tearing apart half the rooms in the house.  I guess because it’s been so hot that I have come up with many projects around here.  I painted my kitchen and doing a lot in there.  Family room/school area is getting a new makeover.  A tree grew in our living room (on the wall!) and Andrew is moving into a new room.  I’m nuts!  Chad definitely thinks so!