It’s that busy end of summer time! We had a filled week and weekend.

It’s tomato time.  Time for hours of blanching, peeling, cutting and chopping.

Tomatoes are beautiful, aren’t they?

I made a ton of salsa.  More than I ever want to see again.  I made some yummy pizza on the grill with fresh tomato slices.

More swimming.  A friend and I are living our summer out.  These little “twins” melt my heart.

We had a garage sale.  Did real well.  Met some awesome people, including a man who blessed my boys.

I am watching my man do a great job on our deck.  Here’s the frame.  He now has half the boards up.  It’s almost party time!

I went to Ohio and back.  I brought back two very special nieces of mine.  We are having a fun week.

We’re off to go shopping!