I love watching my man work.  As I watched him work one night on our deck, I wondered what is was that I loved seeing so much (besides his cuteness).

It was his hands.

This is a picture from way back when he and I were dating.  You know, back before digital cameras were so popular.  But scanners were!  From the beginning, I knew he was a gentle man by his touch.  I missed his hands, so he scanned them and emailed them to me.  Completely dorky, yes.  But that was us young and in love.  And apart from each other.

His hands are so big and strong, yet so gentle.  They may look a little older now.  That’s ok.  They are stronger.

They are the hands that rub my head every night so I can fall asleep peacefully.

When I felt afraid his prayer was, “Lord, I’m holding onto You because she is holding onto me.”

They are the hands that lead his family, showing us an example of living for the Lord.  It’s the hands of a father who loves his children.

Little hands that look just like his.  Little boys that want to be just like him.

They are the hands that I love.