Today was a very special day!  Andrew was baptized!  He accepted the Lord as his Savior when he was 5 years old one afternoon.  We were resting in my bed while Ethan and Samuel took their naps.  It was a very sweet time.  A time where both angels and mommy and daddy rejoiced!

We talked about baptism for a few years.  We wanted to be sure he understood.  It really is as simple as this…

He was so excited!  He told me that he didn’t exactly have stage fright, but hot tub fright.  That’s right.  He was baptized in a hot tub.

Because it’s not about where.  It’s about obedience in following the Lord.  Our church friends and some family gathered here at our favorite summer place.

What a big step for my little guy.

We celebrated with lunch and a pool party for the kids.  They were all being rewarded for learning their KIDMO memory verses.

I love you, Andrew.  I’m so proud that you desire to follow Him.  I pray you do your whole life long.