We’ve officially started our school year!  A week earlier than I had originally planned, but September is looking a bit busy!  So we decided to go for it!

The boys woke up to a walk-through doorway decoration and a special breakfast.

We always have some sort of game or hunt for them the first day.  Because we are going to study US geography, we played a game where they had to answer questions about states they were familiar with.  With each answer they would receive a piece of the USA puzzle.  Their prize was a treasure box full of fun school supplies!

I put up some shelves in our utility room.  I’m not sure why I didn’t do this a long time ago!

I changed out the school shelves.  The color of last year was good for a year, but that’s all I could take.  It’s all out in the middle of our everyday living space.  So this year I decided to go a little more subtle.

This weekend I found this lovely old desk.  It’s so sturdy, and perfect for our space!

And some other pictures…because I like taking pictures…

Here is the plan:

Andrew (3rd Grade)

Bible – Daily reading from Bible Bookmarks; Awana; Stick Figuring Through the Bible

Math – Horizons

Language Arts – Horizons Spelling & Vocab; 6 Trait Writing; First Language Lessons; Reading from misc books from home and from library

We will be starting Cantering the Country soon.  This will include all kinds of stuff!  Geography, History, Science, Art and more!

We will doing Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day in our co-op this year.  Very excited about this!

Ethan (1st Grade)

Bible – Stick Figuring Through the Bible

Math – Horizons

Language Arts – Phonics Pathways; First Language Lessons; Horizons Readers

He will also be doing CtC and Flying Creatures.

Samuel (Preschool)

I will be doing a very simple letter of the week program using what I have here or cheap stuff I have gathered.  He loves worksheets, because brothers do them.  So he will have one or more of those each day, practice with the letter (coloring, salt, shave cream, do-a-dot, playdoh mats, magnets, etc) and a learning toy that is set aside for school time.  Of course, books will be included.  He is always a part of anything else that goes on here!  He will receive extra practice on his letters in his co-op class.

So that’s it!  One day down. Only 179 to go!