Andrew came into the LR laughing about Samuel. He says, “He calls a socket and shockit!” That’s makes sense, huh?

Samuel saw my bra sitting with my clothes after I put on my bathing suit. He says, “This is your…what’s it called…your eyebrow?” I guess “bra” and “brow” sound alike? I don’t know, but I cracked up!

I was making cookies one evening. Samuel is always there to test them out. I gave him a spoonful of dough. He says, “Start the engine yummy. Mmm, mmm, mmm!” I laughed and asked him where he got that from. He says, “From me.”

I was putting Samuel to bed one night.  I kissed and hugged him, just as I always do.  I turned out the light and he yells, “You didn’t hug and kiss me and all that!”  I reminded him that I did.  He replies, “Well, let’s do it again!!”

I am reading Raising Real Men.  I am excited to do a review on it soon.  I was really into after dinner tonight.  He knew it had my attention.  Samuel asks, “What is that book about, anyway?”  I looked at him so seriously and said, “It’s about how to teach boys.”  He says as he runs away, “UH OH!”

And one more, because I haven’t posted a Tiny Talk in a little while.  A new song Samuel made up goes something like this,”Pretty flowers, pretty flowers, pretty flowers.  Pretty mommy, pretty flowers.  Picking pretty flowers for mommy.”  That boy knows how to charm a momma!