We have enjoyed our first season of camping, that’s for sure!  We have a couple more fall trips ahead of us.  This one was a mixture of the hot summer and the fall!  We traveled to the southern part of the state to a state park we hadn’t been before.  We spent half of one day at the super nice pool they have.  We all enjoyed the fun slides.  Andrew perfected some flips off the diving board.  The weekend ended with fall like weather.  We had a great weekend, mostly.  I had a traumatic event where I had to save Samuel.  More on that later…

But for now, enjoy some of my favorite pictures from our weekend!

We took a buddy from church.  He’s a great kid who loves the outdoors.  My boys followed his lead in catching frogs and bugs.

I was mesmerized by boys in the firelight.

Cooking Hoecakes on the new cast iron griddle was fun.

We celebrated our anniversary out there.  Andrew is a pretty good photographer!

We enjoyed a peaceful evening on the pier.

We just enjoyed being together with very little distraction.

Dirty feet and all…