Well, I mentioned having to save my Samuel this past weekend.  Here’s the story…

We got to camp and got mostly set up.  Chad had some things to do and it was super hot.  So I thought I would take the boys down to the pool.  The pool was only open Sat-Mon.  So I went for a drive around the park unfamiliar with the area.  I thought the boys might want to see the lake.  I went down to the boat launch area.  Samuel got out of the van with no shoes on.  I was immediately aggravated because I had just told him right before we left to get his sandals on.  But instead, he left them at the campsite.  I had told Samuel he could just sit in the grass there while we walked down toward the water, but he didn’t.

Now, if anyone knows me knows I have a fear of my children around water…only when I can’t see the bottom and have no idea how deep it is.  I get that honestly.  I’m like my mom and sister.  Pools I’m ok with.  Ponds and lakes make me nervous.  But as we walked out on the little dock, a thought came over me of how I was feeling pretty good about this whole excursion.  I’m not one to really do much without Chad.  I was feeling a peace that everything was going to be ok.

The boys were messing around right on the water’s edge on the actual boat ramp made of cement.  Little did I know how coated with algae it was.  We were there for a little bit when all of a sudden I look down to see Samuel sliding down the ramp into the water.  I think he stepped in the water’s edge to cool his feet off.  He had a look on his little face that a momma never wants to see on her children.  He cried out, “Mommy!”  I, of course, grabbed him with my right hand to pull him out.  I, too, slid into the water.  Because it was so slimy I felt panicked.  I couldn’t move or get anywhere with my son in my arms.  It was a horrible feeling.  I motioned to the older boys to help me, knowing they couldn’t.  My iPhone took a dive along with me.  I was able to finally climb out.  I don’t think I have ever felt so scared in my life!  The last thing any mommy wants to go through, if you can imagine.

I got out of there with all four boys as quickly as I could.  I came back to camp filled with emotions.  I was just mad.  Mad that the whole thing happened.  I got in the shower and just bawled my eyes out…so much that I am sure half the camp heard me.

It reminded me of my relationship with my heavenly Father.  So many times I do or say things that do not honor Him.  I disobey Him.  I aggravate Him.    I step out on the water’s edge.  But He still loves me and rescues me probably every single day without me even realizing it.  He has pulled me out of a slimy pit.  He grabs on tight and never lets go.

Just like my Heavenly Father was with me that Friday evening, He is with me every step I take each day.  More than that, He send angels to watch over my dear precious children.  My pastor told me last night that probably right at the time that was happening, he was praying for our boys.

I don’t know what little thing or what big thing in your life has you scared or worried right now.  But I pray you feel that Peace that passes all understanding.  I pray you feel the love and protection God has for you and the ones you love.  And if you don’t understand that love, He’s just a prayer a way.  He’s waiting for you to reach out and grab His hand.