Have you heard it through the GrapevineStick Figuring Through the Bible is the best way to teach a Bible story!

Easy to Prepare – Effective to Teach

Finally, a Bible study curriculum that engages the intellect while stimulating the imagination! Grapevine Studies provides effective, easy-to-teach Bible curriculum to disciple students ages five to adult. Through the use of Bible timelines and easy-to-follow lessons, Grapevine Studies will give your students a panoramic view of the Bible.

We received an electronic copy of the Old Testament study on Joseph…14 Weekly Lessons or 50 Daily Lessons – Multi-Level

Now how does this work?  Glad you asked! I received an electronic copies for both teacher and student.   I used the teacher guide on my laptop.

I showed them on the whiteboard what to draw while teaching the story that is scripted in the teacher manual.  Everything is so nice and color coded.  Makes it easy!  And the great thing about this?  You don’t have to be an artist!

I printed out the student book and bound it in a three-ring binder.

Use colored pencils!

The first lesson takes you through a timeline.  In this case, a timeline of Joseph’s life.  I like being able to see (and teach) the big picture first.  Then you will dive into each part of his life, learning a lot along the way.  A lot about Joseph, and a lot about yourself.

In the end your child/student will have a beautiful story book to be quite proud of!  It’s such an excellent and fun way to go through the Bible.  Stick Figuring!  You’ve got to try this!

This is a great tool for your homeschool Bible curriculum!  It’s also great for Sunday School, or just a study to learn together as a family.

Check out the Gospel eLesson.  I just downloaded it and can’t wait to get this one started!

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Grapevine provided this study to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review of their product.