Right from the Heart, Turning Your Day Toward God is a beautiful book written by Bryant White.  He is the pastor of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church and the president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

You can’t help but fall in love with the way the cover is designed!  But inside, you will find something even better!

This is a book of 365 devotions.  Each day a scripture is given along with a short story related to that Bible verse.  It is your “daily dose” that is especially nice to start off your day.  I really like how many different areas in life it covers, from marriage to parenting to your everyday walk with the Lord.  I think it’s a great collection of “mini sermons”!  Mr. White is not afraid to speak the truth, but he does it in a loving way.  So my only complaint would have to be that I wanted more each day! 

But as the book says, “Spending a few minutes each day with the Lord can change your heart.  The condition of your heart can change your day, and the outcome of your day can change the course of your life.”  I couldn’t agree more!

I would definitely recommend this book.  It would make an excellent gift to someone!   

I was provided this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review from BookSneeze.