For a completely random week!

I’ve been busy, but not so busy in the blog world!

We’ve had a little girl around this boy filled house.  I have kept her for the last two weeks.  She has been a joy.  And a crack up.  She likes powdered donuts.  And I like the morning light I captured in the photo.

Samuel is enjoying his little bit of preschool he gets around here.

I can hardly take the cuteness of my boys dressed in crazy socks for Awana.

And I can hardly take seeing the excitement they have to be in the club.  They are learning God’s Word and having a blast at the same time.  Does it get any better than that?  I remember that same excitement as I was in Awana growing up.  I told my boys last night that most of the scripture I have memorized was from those years of hiding God’s Word in my heart.

It’s getting cooler around here.  I got some pretty fall flowers to cozy up my new deck.

I hosted a group of 8 women here for a “Mom’s Meet & Share”.  A friend and I are starting this group to support other gals that are homeschooling…old, new or thinking about it.  As one friend that came put it…she needed to meet some other crazy people that are going through the same thing.  That’s what we are here for, and we have a great year planned.

I am reviewing some items from Timberdoodle.  That’s always fun.  Those posts will be coming up soon!

Tomorrow evening we are hosting an outdoor movie night for the neighborhood.  I look forward to the fellowship around the fire.

I hope your week has gone well!  The month is flying by.