If your days are anything like mine, meal times can be stressful.  It’s getting everything ready, to the table, and then cleaned up afterward that can wear a momma out!

I have three boys.  We eat three meals.  Easy solution.

When they are on “KP” or “Breakfast/Lunch/Supper Duty” their job is as follows:

Helping prepare the meal, if needed (or wanted!)
Setting the table
Taking food to the table
Putting foods back where they belong (pantry, refrigerator)
Wiping down the table or island

Plus, I want to give them some more responsibility.  It works out really well!  I was a little nervous about it at first.  But they really enjoy helping out…most of the time!  Andrew, especially, loves to cook.

I just printed a chart, laminated it and attached the names with velcro dots.  It hang on our kitchen wall.  I rotate them each Monday.

It gives them a sense of responsibility.  And it helps me out greatly!