This past weekend was the perfect fall weekend.  I mean perfect!

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous around here!  And the fall colors are putting on quite the display this year.

Ah.  I love the fall.  I’m so thankful for the beautiful change of seasons that Indiana offers.

The weekend began Friday night.  Our homeschool co-op had a fall party out at a friend’s farm.  It was a great night for it.  We had such a fun time visiting with one another.  The boys had a blast bobbing for apples, taking hay rides, playing games, and especially loved going on a “snipe hunt”.

Saturday morning we got up and did some things around the house.  We really could have used the whole day for some projects, but we headed out to corn and bean country instead.  Ethan’s favorite time of year…harvest.

We stopped by a farm that was selling pumpkins and all kinds of beautiful fall things!  Of course, out in the middle of no where, Chad knew the family.  I love that, though.  It has its perks!  We picked out lots of stuff to decorate with.  Boys are itching to carve their big pumpkins!

Pics from harvesting soybeans…

After that, we stopped in for a visit with Chad’s dad.

Sunday Chad took off for another trip.  After church, the boys had an Awana carnival day.  They had a lot of crazy fun.  Andrew got a kick out of the oversized tricycles.

Sunday evening was spent outside in my front flowerbed.  I am replacing the rock with rubber mulch, and that has been a job!  But it was a lovely evening to be out there with my three little guys.  Boys and rocks always mix, so they were good little helpers.