It’s been a long road so far, and a road we weren’t quite expecting.

After losing Oliver, Chad and I had this crazy idea that maybe our boys would like a puppy.  Chad did lots of looking and researching.  We agreed that a Border Collie might work well for our family.

Then this cutie was rescued by a friend of ours.  She sent us a picture of him and we fell in love.  We both thought this could be our new son!  We named him Reese before we even saw him in person.  Chad’s favorite candy is a Reese Cup, and he thought the name fit.  We met him, and even “babysat” him.  And then came trouble.  He started feeling ill while we were in Virginia.  We felt the pain ourselves as we awaited a diagnosis.  The vet thought he had some sort of tick disease (he was rescued from out in the country of South Indiana).  The last few weeks have been a little crazy, and we haven’t even had him.  He has Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Our dog loving friend has nursed him through.  She has a passion for this sort of thing like no other I have seen.  He’s definitely on the road to recovery, but that road might require some therapy.  We want to adopt this little guy.  So we have high hopes to bring him into our home someday soon.

We are learning patience among other things through this whole process.  Won’t you keep little Reese in your prayers?