We celebrated Chad’s birthday this weekend!  We had a big crowd of friends and family here.  The weather was perfect for the outdoor bonfire party I had planned.  I was so delighted to see so many of our friends and family here to love on Chad.  I know our backyard couldn’t hold the amount of people whose lives he has touched, though.

After everyone left, Chad and I went back out to assess the mess.  We sat down on the bales of straw and had a lovely conversation.  I’m so in love with this man.  I love him for who he was in the past, who he is now, and for what he wants to be in the future.

He’s 39 now, so I think that had him thinking.  He was touched by the love he felt that night.  That led to some other thoughts that he shared with me.  He talked about how he never wants his children to pass him by spiritually.  Now, that may sound strange.  But as we talked about it, he explain it this way…His goal is to never have his children look back one day and wish their dad had done things differently.  He wants to always strive to be more spiritually mature than they are.  That way, his boys always look up to him and “want to be just like that someday”.  Because “just like that” means being more like Jesus.  That meant the world to me.  I want that, too.