My favorite time to camp is in the fall!  We went Thursday-Sunday of this past weekend.  We were planning to do our annual Halloween camping trip.  When we arrived, we realized that this wasn’t the right weekend!  It’s always the weekend before Halloween and we book it 6 months in advance.  We barely got a spot then, so we sure didn’t think a thing of it.  Apparently the famous Covered Bridge Festival was a week late this year, pushing the camping holiday until next weekend!  Oh well!  I think I was more disappointed than my boys were!  We had a great time.  The weather was so beautiful, and it won’t be as pretty this coming weekend.  So I’m glad we were there.  We did “reverse trick-or-treat” children all around the campground and met some nice people.  We did our best to “shine the light of Jesus” wherever we went.  Here are some pics!

This is my favorite picture from the weekend!  Thursday night was cold.  The boys were so excited to where their winter coats and their new winter hats we got in West Virginia.  The way they highlight their faces…I can hardly take it!