It’s a great time to learn about the bones of the body!  Halloween time offers lots of fun skeleton goodies!  We don’t do the ugly part of Halloween, but happy skeletons are a fun way to get my boys excited about what they are learning!

We have had a blast doing this one.  My boys really have been interested and excited about this one.  I think it has been one of the most loved unit studies yet!

The most fun was our two “Bones Classes” we had with another homeschooling friend.  We both gathered ideas and had more than enough to do during each class.  I will give you ideas of what we did during our class and at home.

I made these memory verse cards for the children to learn.  They earned a prize for learning it, and for having pleasant words!

Some books I have, bought from Amazon or checked out from the library:

The Skeleton Inside You
Jessica’s Xray
Dem Bones
The School Skeleton (A to Z Mysteries)  Andrew loves these!
MSB – The Search for the Missing Bones  We read a few chapters each night with this.  Love it!
Your Bones – An Inside Look at Skeletons  We really liked this one, available from the library.
A Magic Skeleton Book – The Human Body
Uncover the Human Body

Websites that are great for learning games and printables:

Label the Bones
Build Mr Bones
Skeleton Game
Mr Bones Relay Race– we did this at our co-op party!
Teacher’s Clubhouse worksheets were very fun and helpful!

I made a sensory bin for the kids to play with.  The rubber skeletons were $1 at Target.  Nothing super fancy, but my boys always love these bins!

For science we got ideas from the book Play and Find Out about the Human Body.

We made a vertebrae.

We stripped calcium from chicken bones to make them rubbery (yuck!)

For some art, we made “x-rays” of our hands.

Andrew also showed us how to make an x-ray on paper.  Draw a person on one side of the paper.  The other side you would draw his skeleton (draw it darker).  Shining light through it will reveal his bones!

Snacks for our classes were fun.  For the breadsticks, I just made a sweet dough, rolled them into a long rope, tied each end and put butter and cinnamon sugar on top.

Bone ice cubes in their drinks from a mold bought from the dollar store.

We also had some Funny Bones made from pretzel sticks and mini marshmallows,  dipped in white chocolate.  Yum!

We got several Dollar Tree skeleton goodies.  Other stores like Walmart and Target were good resources for prizes!

Several You Tube Videos were used.  Here are some of them:

Dem Bones – just like the book!
The Skeleton Dance – get them up to dance!
Stanley the Skeleton
School House Rock – Dem Bones

We played a game called “Tickle the Bone” that I made up.  I think it was very effective!  I would tickle a bone and they would name it.  Easy, but a good and fun way to laugh and learn.

Human Anatomy Puzzle by Melissa & Doug I found at a yard sale for $1!!

A neighbor bought this for us to use.  It’s a cute foam puzzle from a dollar store, just not sure where!

So a great unit study that I would totally recommend doing!  After Halloween would be a great time to do it, too!  Grab those bones on clearance!

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